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The Suitcase Sideshow was founded by Philip Shorey in 2005 as a creative way to bring a message of hope to hard to reach corners of the world.

It is most known for its vintage-styled street theater that uses a steamer trunk as a stage, marionettes Philip’s grandparents used back in the 1960’s, and performs in refugee camps, jails, orphanages, street corners, under bridges, and other unconventional venues.

Today they have multiplied their show, and translated their productions into over ten languages. To discover the full history of the puppet theater found in Philip’s family dating back 100 years, look for his book Travelogues of a Family Sideshow.

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We have

6 Productions

Translated into 16 languages

Performed in 15 countries


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The Suitcase Sideshow is based in Minneapolis MN, and is available for booking marionette fringe theater performances as well as speaking engagements.